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COVID-19 Virus VR

Simulating the COVID-19 virus with droplets while CDC videos are playing in the back (for important information about preventing the COVID-19).

[Please enable Hand-Tracking on your Oculus Quest]

This is a prototype for visualizing the COVID-19 virus and droplets with hand-tracking (in front of CDC videos). This is built with the Unreal Engine 4.24 with Oculus Quest Hand-Tracking. Let us know what you want to see via Jackie at sciencevr.com

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Find us on Discord (https://discord.gg/tqp5w7h)

Download demo

ScienceVR-COVID19-quest-v0.1.apk 159 MB


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I purchased this with the Winter Bundle today, but the download page says "Nothing to download". Please advise.

hello. try loading this page - https://sciencevr.itch.io/covid19 and you should see a download button for the APK file. Then you can drag it into SideQuest to install to your Quest/Quest2. Merry Xmas!

The "Download Demo" button for "ScienceVR-COVID19-quest-v0.z.apk" is the paid version then? 

Sorry for the confusion. The bundle is to fund further development and this is the currently available version.